Welcome to Canadian Wildlife!

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Welcome to Canadian Wildlife
-- The wild side of Canada™

Get to know the wild side of Canada on our Canadian Wildlife website. Our website is all about wildlife you can find in the great Canadian wilderness. Canada has a large variety of wildlife including black and Grizzly bears, Lynx, Deer, Halibut, Mountain Goats, Cougar, Moose, Elk, Killer Whales or Orca, Humpback Whales, Wolf, Salmon, Eagles and many more species within it's borders and are a popular attraction with visitors and tourist from around the world.

  Read about some of the wildlife you find in Canada

Most of our high quality wildlife images have been provided from the website www.ExploringToInspire.com.

We are currently changing our site to make room for more information and data about Canadian wildlife and other related information.

The website will be under construction until completion in the near future. Any links currently on the Canadian Wildlife website regarding Canadian wildlife will be re-directed to our older pages.

Thanks for stopping by our website Canadian Wildlife!

CanadianWildlife.com / The Wild Side of Canada™
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Welcome to Canadian Wildlife!